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Ssi Writeup (WhiteHat Grand Prix CTF 2017)

Ssi was a 100 point Web challenge in the WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017, solved by Shrewk and myself (SIben). As the amount of points suggests, it was one of the easiest challenges of the CTF (points were usually from 100 to 500). Nevertheless, it took us quite a while to completely solve it.

Challenge description



Author - BkavTeam

Color changes

Upon clicking either of the links, we stumble upon the following page:

Color changes

When inputting a color like xxx, the following code is produced:

<h1 style="color:xxx;">WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017</h1>

Now, it's not quite clear how this is interesting in the context of a CTF. We quickly figure out that there must be some more information we can gather about the nature of the task.

Backup file

We find that the file index.php~ exists and contains the following PHP code:

        foreach($_REQUEST as $key => $val) { 
            $_SESSION[$key] = $val; 
    if(array_key_exists("textColor", $_SESSION)){
        $style ="color:".$_SESSION['textColor'].";";
    if(array_key_exists('secret', $_SESSION) and array_key_exists('textColor', $_SESSION)){
        $temp = $_SESSION['secret'].$_SESSION['textColor'];
        if(substr(sha1($temp),-3) ==='ab1'){
            //Do sth admin permission
            $status ="You are logged in as a regular user.";

        $status ="You are logged in as a regular user.";

    $title = "<h1 style='$style'>WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017</h1>"; 

So basically, we need to provide a POST parameter named secret which, once concatenated with textColor must generate a SHA-1 hash ending with the characters "ab1".

This should occur for about 1 hash out of 4096 (16×16×16). Therefore, we use the following code to generate a value:

from hashlib import sha1

for val in range(5000):
    if sha1(str(val)).hexdigest()[-3:] == 'ab1':
        print val

This outputs the string "1868".

We make a POST request to the server with secret=18&textColor=68, and we get redirected to

Show IP

Show IP

If we look at the console, we get the following information:

Debug Objects: Flag at directory: value_special/flag.txt
Debug Objects: value_special = md5(filesize(index.php)-namechannelIRC)

Okay, so now we know what we need to find in order to get the flag. namechannelIRC is quite obviously #whitehatgrandprix2017, the channel dedicated to the CTF on Freenode and provided within the guidelines of the CTF.

Trying out the input

We input the string "user_input" and press the button. We're redirected to the page which has the following content:


user_input is displayed on the page, and the file extension of the page is shtml. Well, the title of the challenge was Ssi, wasn't it?

Since we need to find the size of index.php, we input the following payload instead of user_input:

<!--#fsize file="index.php"-->

This works directly and outputs 1.6K on the result page. Now, this is the part where we messed up; we didn't really understand what the - character in md5(filesize(index.php)-namechannelIRC) was supposed to be. Substracting strings didn't really make sense. We figured that we should get the filesize in bytes, which we had no success with. After a few hours of derping, I sent a PM to an admin asking them for clarification regarding this format.

The following line was added to the previous log:

Debug Objects: - is a character

At this point, we felt pretty stupid and tried the following command:

$ echo -n "1.6K-#whitehatgrandprix2017" | md5sum
36789f5cc2688fb98476eea77c6696fe  -

Lo and behold, the file actually exists and contains the string Learn_form_yesterday.Live_for_today.Hope_for_tomorrow..

Following the guidelines of the CTF, we hash this string using SHA-1 and get the flag: WhiteHat{dffb112c136d8317033a2152b8d32a3125cd4e4c}.

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