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GoCrackMe Writeup (Nuit Du Hack 2018)

GoCrackMe was a 400-point challenge at Nuit Du Hack 2018 on which we got first blood quite early in the CTF.

Challenge description

Because we can't access the platform anymore, this challenge shall remain without description for now. We are provided with a binary file.


As the name of the challenge implies, this binary is a Go executable. After a quick static analysis, we found out that the whole binary is stripped, which makes pursuing such an analysis pretty difficult (since we also have to consider all the indirections used by the language itself).

Using strace, we drew a rough sketch of how the binary works:

(print message) -> (read user input) -> (check input) -> (print fail/win)

Screenshot strace

Since the codebase is huge (thanks Go), we needed to find a way to pinpoint the exact functions processing our input.

We first tried to break on the read syscall loading our flag in memory so as to then check where this would take us. Unfortunately, because of the code abstraction in Go, we were prevented from discovering anything interesting (as we quickly got lost in the numerous calls to other functions).

Our second idea was to break on the second write syscall (writing the fail/win message) and then go up the call stack until we hit the flag verification function; this turned out to be the right idea, but not in the way we expected.

Observing the parameters in gdb led us to see that rsi (buffer address) pointed to the failure string after the syscall; however, this string was not null-terminated and followed by a weird ascii string that we couldn't find anywhere in the executable itself.

Screenshot weirdstring

To gather more information, we looked up the section containing the string and dumped it. Running our favorite command strings on it, we discovered a lot of different strings as well as fake flags.

Screenshot strings

After trying a few of them, we were surprised to discover that this dump actually contained the flag.

Screenshot flagged

Challenge password: This1sATotalLyDumbPa5$wordBut1tW0rkN3h

Challenge flag: ndh16_2c51459d50d04a8705493d2ab9696e21f17ddd62ebbe106dbbca8a18a867c82f9ea1c84319035b95cbc64303dbf26172c67adac64a45f48854c272cbc2608957

Wrapping up

We already knew strings was awesome, and running it on random binary blobs sure can yield unexpected results!

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