Security if God wills it


Inshall'hack is a French CTF team that was formed in August 2017. This blog is meant to be a collection of our writeups for online and offline CTFs alike. You can find most of our writeups on CTFtime. As of today, the following hackers are part of Inshall'hack:

Main members

  • SIben | PhD student at UiB. Web and crypto, editor of the blog and co-manager of the team.
  • Shrewk | Developer. Web and guessing, co-manager of the team.
  • Lfuret | A RE lover and a crypto enthusiast, provided he has his $5 wrench. Hippie guru.
  • christrc | Panel beater for Peugeot. Pwns challenges as much as he pwns cars.
  • BZHugs | Engineering student at ESEO. Crypto, forensics, reverse and misc.
  • Antoxyde | Networks and telecommunications student.
  • Aexyn | Geopolitical trolling. Semi-hippie.
  • Ethnical | MoonBoy.
  • jenaye | Web and stegano guy.
  • Sideway | Computer science student and reverse-engineering enthusiast.
  • nodauf |
  • baguette | Exposes Illuminati on YouTube.
  • BrahimFouad | 27 yo information security manager at SSH (Smart Solutions Hosting) #InfosecAddict #DevOps. Organizer for #Shellmates, #BSides. M.Sc. in Infrastructure and Information System Management.
  • berurier | Specializes in bullshit overflow.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as many other French players occasionally play with Inshall'hack!

We're always on the lookout for new (preferably French) members: if you feel like you have what it takes, join us on Discord!

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