Security if God wills it


Inshall'hack is a French CTF team that was formed in August 2017. This blog is meant to be a collection of our writeups for online and offline CTFs alike. You can find most of our writeups on CTFtime. As of today, the following hackers are part of Inshall'hack:

Main members

  • SIben | PhD student at UiB. Web and crypto, editor of the blog and co-manager of the team.
  • Shrewk | Developer. Web and guessing, co-manager of the team.
  • Lfuret | A RE lover and a crypto enthusiast, provided he has his $5 wrench. Hippie guru.
  • christrc | Panel beater for Peugeot. Pwns challenges as much as he pwns cars.
  • BZHugs | Engineering student at ESEO. Crypto, forensics, reverse and misc.
  • Antoxyde | Networks and telecommunications student.
  • Aexyn | Geopolitical trolling. Semi-hippie.
  • Ethnical | MoonBoy.
  • jenaye | Web and stegano guy.
  • Sideway | Computer science student and reverse-engineering enthusiast.
  • nodauf |
  • baguette | Exposes Illuminati on YouTube.
  • BrahimFouad | 27 yo information security manager at SSH (Smart Solutions Hosting) #InfosecAddict #DevOps. Organizer for #Shellmates, #BSides. M.Sc. in Infrastructure and Information System Management.
  • berurier | Specializes in bullshit overflow.
  • Shutdown | Blue team mole, Red team defector. Forensics, Networking, Web and whatever it takes.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as many other French players occasionally play with Inshall'hack!

We're always on the lookout for new (preferably French) members: if you feel like you have what it takes, join us on Discord!

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